Dispatch from the Front of the Refugee Crisis

Dispatch from the Front of the Refugee Crisis

Editor’s Note: The following are some reflections Maya Johnson has posted online as she works with war refugees fleeing from Ukraine into Poland. Today is her final day on the ground in Poland. Please keep praying for her and those with her (the Movida team).

My mind and heart cannot yet find all the words needed to untangle the many layers of pain. How does one explain and process what is happening on all sides of this madness?

But, in a way, I am gaining a fuller understanding of the biblical narrative. There has been a lot of refugees and people who faced great injustice in God’s story and I see that God’s hand – and his Word – was true in those lives. This gives me hope today.

When David ran from Saul, Jonathan stood up for him. He investigated his case, advocated for him, and helped him flee. Jonathan sent David away with much weeping and prayers, sought him out, and strengthened his soul in the Lord.

Will we be Jonathans?

There was also the priest who gave David both bread and Goliath’s sword. And there was Abigail who stopped David from sinning.

And David, on his side, did not just hide in the caves. He hid in God! In those caves, he poured out his heart in Psalms of lament that we can now read and use for processing our pain. David actively helped his people and protected their cities and sheep from the Philistines. He took under his wing those who were abused by Saul. David’s heart stayed soft towards God and people, even in the midst of his hardship.

He knew that one day he will sing and praise God among the nations and tribes because God’s mercy is great to the heavens, and his faithfulness to the clouds (Ps. 57).

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