Mercy Shown, Mercy Given

Mercy Shown, Mercy Given

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. – Matthew 5:7

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Mercy is, “Responding in love and compassion to someone who is not deserving and is miserable and needy.” -Pastor Mike

Mercy Shown

Poor in spirit, wretch am I,
God has shown me mercy,
Paid my debt, arms open wide,
The faithful Priest pursued me.

As a Christian, I am a product of mercy. As one poor in spirit (Matthew 5:3), and fully aware of it, God has shown me mercy in Christ. This miserable, needy sinner saw that Jesus stepped in and paid my debt. As a Christian, I live knowing that my many sins were overwhelmed, swept away, in the avalanche of Jesus’ greater mercy.

Mercy Given

My mercy toward you will
earn God’s mercy for me?
No, you fool!
What kind of mercy could that ever be?

If I think that my mercy will earn God’s mercy, I have fundamentally misunderstood the very definition of mercy. As Pastor Mike shared, no one can earn mercy. If you can earn mercy, what you earned can no longer be called mercy.

Mercy Shown, Mercy Given
God has shown me mercy,
And O what mercy He has shown.
Can I from miserable/needy flee,
And claim God’s mercy as my own?

As a Christian, I cannot NOT give mercy to others. Why? Because I have been shown mercy. My merciful, faithful Priest, Jesus Christ, stands before God on my behalf (Hebrews 2:17). Is there a better kind of mercy? God’s mercy in Christ is my source of life, from the moment I received mercy (conversion) into eternity (glorification). Jesus says I shall receive mercy, the guarantee that God will not stop pouring out His mercy on me.

So, when I give mercy to another, I will know that God’s mercy is at work in me. My mercy given is a small taste to the world of the greater mercy God showed me. Indeed, I know I have it as my own, the gift of mercy. So, I live as an object of God’s mercy shown by giving mercy to the world as an expression of His mercy.

Practical Points to Ponder

Pastor Mike shared these points to close the message Sunday. I encourage meditating on these before the Lord.

  1. Showing mercy means forgiving others who sin against me (even if they never seek to make things right with me).
  2. Mercy means caring (It is an oxymoron to be an, “indifferent Christian” to the spiritual (most dire) and physical (also dire) needs of others).
  3. Being merciful means ‘doing’ mercy (it does not simply imply my feelings about something but my action).
What I Learned Last Sunday