New Year, New Shepherding Plan

New Year, New Shepherding Plan

It is a new year, and the elders and deacons of Ridgeview are implementing a plan to show better care to ALL the members of Ridgeview. It is pretty simple, but we think it will help a lot.

We have grouped the membership list alphabetically and assigned each member to a deacon or an elder. We’ll keep these assignments for 3 months, and then rotate the list. So, every Ridgeview member will have an elder or deacon praying specifically for them all the time. And every 3 months, a new leader will be praying for you!

Don’t be surprised if a church leader reaches out to you to find out how you are doing and how they can pray for you or help you. It is our hope that this will help members and church leaders to get to know one another better!

Please keep praying for the elders and deacons as we seek to shepherd the congregation well, with love and humility; for the good of the church and the glory of God.

Note: As always, members are welcomed and encouraged to contact any elder or deacon with their needs. You can find the elder & deacon contact info in the weekly bulletin. Also, each church leader will continue to be responsible to shepherd every member, not only the ones assigned to them each quarter. This plan is an added bit of structure to help us do that better.