Still Need Volunteers for Reach Conference

Still Need Volunteers for Reach Conference

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We are in count-down mode for the Reach Conference on Global Missions, which begins on Friday. Most everything is in place already, but there are a few needs and so we still need volunteers. Here is a list of our current needs. If you can do any of these items, please let me know.

Airport Runs (Great opportunities to get to know the Missionaries!)

1) We need someone to pick up Ed and Linda S. on Friday at 2:30PM, from the Chadron Airport, and deliver them to the home where they will be staying.
2) We need someone to pick up Jake B. on Friday at 9:30PM from the Chadron Airport, and deliver them to the home where they will be staying.
3) We need someone to bring Jake B. on Sunday at 4:15AM to the Chadron Airport.
4) We need someone to bring Ed and Linda S. to the Denver airport at 10:15AM on Sunday morning (Ridgeview will cover the round trip gas expense for this!).

Meals (Even greater opportunity to get to know the Missionaries!!)

1) We need someone to pick up the doughnuts at 8AM on Saturday and deliver them to the Ridgeroom. They are already ordered, just need someone to pick them up.
2) We need someone to host Jake B. for lunch on Saturday.
3) We need someone to host Ed & Linda S. for lunch on Saturday.
4) We need someone to host Dan A. for lunch on Saturday.
5) We need someone to host Mark & Ayuna N. for lunch on Saturday (they have 2 kids).
6) We need someone to host David & Catherine L. for lunch on Saturday.


1) We need many people to commit to pray every day for this conference.
2) We need many people to commit to pray during the conference.

If you would be willing to do any of the above, please send an email and let us know. Thanks to everyone who has worked to see the Reach Conference on Global Missions be a success, and for those who have donated to fund it. We are so excited for what God will do in our midst this weekend.

5 Things to Remember

5 Things to Remember

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There are several things to keep in mind these days, and it would probably be helpful if I mentioned at least a few of them.

First, the elders are doing their annual retreat on Friday and Saturday. Please pray for them as they meet to discuss and plan, and also to pray for vision and for Ridgeview. It should be a great weekend, and all of us are looking forward to spending this time together. So please pray for Devin Davis, Jason Badje, Robert Reid, Jim Varvel, Zack Varpness and me over the next few days.

Along with that, we had a member meeting after the worship gathering last Sunday to vote on whether to add Zack Varpness to the elder team, and the church voted overwhelmingly in favor. We will be presenting him next Sunday as the new elder, and Zack will also participate in the elder retreat this weekend.

Next, we are launching a new short sermon series for the holiday season called, “Psalms for the Season“. Basically, I plan to unpack a Psalm each week on a different theme as it relates to the holiday. So this Sunday we will see from Psalm 103 how King David preached to his soul so that he would see God’s grace and be thankful. I am praying that that will help prepare our hearts for Thanksgiving. Then, for the four weeks of Advent, we will study: 1) a Psalm of lament, 2) a cry for deliverance, 3) a Psalm of hope and then 4) a Psalm about the Son of God. Maybe God will use these rich Psalms to encourage us in our faith and to stir up in us a passion to follow Christ.

Also this Sunday, we will collect the boxes for Operation Christmas Child. So if you packed a box or three, bring them in on Sunday and put them on or near the dedicated table in the worship center foyer. We will take it from there and make sure the boxes get on their way into the hands children around the world.

Finally, please don’t forget the college meal this Sunday. If you are a student, you are invited! I have no idea what’s on the menu but I know its always good.

See you Sunday!

Member Meeting This Sunday

Member Meeting This Sunday


This Sunday (November 15), immediately following the Worship Gathering, we will have a brief Members’ Meeting to vote on whether to add Zachary Varpness to the elder team.

If you are unable to attend the Members’ Meeting next Sunday, you can submit your vote via email.

The official voting question will be as follows and you can cut and paste this into an email:

Full name:_______________

Are you a member of Ridgeview Bible Church?

Yes___  No___  Unsure___

Will you affirm God’s leading through the elders in regards to Zachary Varpness joining the elder team at Ridgeview Bible Church?



The email address for submitting your vote is:

Harvest Party this Sunday

Harvest Party this Sunday



Hey Ridgeview, there is a harvest party this Sunday (November 1) and everyone is invited! Here is what you need to know:

What: Fall Harvest Party – Dockweiler’s  house. Hayrack rides, food, fire, fellowship and fun.

When: Sunday, November 1st 3:30 to 6:30

Where: 3 miles east of Chadron on Hwy 20, Turn North on Bordeaux Road, Continue north on Bordeaux until it dead ends (about 1 mile).

The Story of Zac & Mandy Smith

The Story of Zac & Mandy Smith


Here is the video that ran before the sermon today called The Story of Zac Smith.

The Story of Zac Smith (New Score) from NewSpring Creative on Vimeo.

About a year later, his widow, Mandy, released this video:

A Story | Tears of Hope from Adam Kring on Vimeo.

And finally, before Zac Smith passed away, he made this video as a message to his younger self (and a challenge to all of us about the urgency of making life count).

Letter to Zac from NewSpring Creative on Vimeo.

Beth Moore Simulcast

Beth Moore Simulcast

Faithlife Bible

Faithlife Bible


read-anywhereWe have started to use the Faithlife Bible App to help connect everyone during services.  It’s free, easy to use and makes getting information out much easier.

You can find out more information on the Faithlife Bible App Page. (

You can also view a short tutorial on how to specifically connect to Ridgeview by clicking here.

If you are wondering why you should download the app, the following pictures shows our July 5 service.

  • All of our announcements have a calendar event created with them that you can tap on and add to your calendar.
  • We can share links for information and websites that may be relevant to you.
  • You can contact our secretary directly for things like building reservations and membership info.
  • Scripture references are automatically updated for each service to help you follow along.
  • Paypal online giving will also soon be added to make online donations easier.


Thailand Trek  – Vacation Bible School 2015

Thailand Trek – Vacation Bible School 2015




This year, Ridgeview Bible Church and First Baptist Church of Chadron have joined forces to host Vacation Bible School; 5 evenings of learning and fun for children.

The theme this year is Thailand Trek and we are sure that this will provide an exciting and fresh environment for learning more about the Bible, missions, and about seeing God in everyday life.

I hope you will be a part of this exciting opportunity!

When: June 1-5, from 6-8:30PM

Where: First Baptist Church of Chadron (802 Chadron Ave)

For Whom: All children, ages 4 through the 6th Grade

How to Pre-register: Contact Ridgeview by calling 308-432-5131 or by sending an email. If you go the online contact form route, please include your children’s names, DOB, grade completed, and parent/guardian names and contact info. We will contact you if more information is required.


College Men’s Retreat

College Men’s Retreat

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men's retreat

From Burt Newman: The College Men’s Retreat will be a weekend of men hanging out, shooting guns, and playing competitive activities in the outdoors away from our phones and our culture. We will spend 24 hours digging in The Word (the Bible), hearing from mature Christian men, and reviving our desire to be Men of God.

Speaker: Pastor Mike Johnson

The retreat costs $15, but don’t let the money to stop you. We want you to be here!

What to bring: sleeping gear; clothes for 24 hours of sleeping, eating, playing, and working outside (check the weather before hand so that you can prepare accordingly); your Bible and notebook; any guns, knives, bows, hatchets that you want bring (we will have guns and ammunition there – that is included in the retreat.); a willingness to share your heart and courage to take the next step in God’s will for your life.

What will we do: Frisbee, football, a whole morning of shooting, a little bit of manual labor, 2 or 3 times of learning, etc.

What we will eat: 3 meals will be provided for sure: Supper Friday, Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday.

Make sure to let Burt Newman know if you are interested. Here is the Facebook event link.