Spirit of Truth Bible Conference

Spirit of Truth Bible Conference


What: A Bible conference, hosted by Ridgeview, focusing on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Why: To educate, edify, equip and motivate God’s people by focusing on the Work of God’s Spirit, as we can see his Work in God’s Word.

When: March 22-24, 2019 (Friday & Saturday 6-8PM, Sunday 9-10AM and 10:30-11:45, followed by a fellowship meal). Child-care will be provided for all events.

Who: Open to the public.

Where: Ridgeview Bible Church, 919 E 10th Street, Chadron NE, 69337

During each gathering, we will enjoy corporate worship, prayer, biblically-saturated and inspiring teaching, and rich Christian fellowship. Mark your calendars, and plan to be a part of this special time of learning and growing.

Christ’s Kids Teacher Training

Christ’s Kids Teacher Training

Announcements Christ's Kids

Hey parents! Christ’s Kids on the Ridge will be hosting a training for teachers this Sunday night, October 7th, at 6. We will have coffee and desserts for those who attend!

The purpose for this training is to encourage, train, and equip you to teach the children at Christ’s Kids. It’s been a while since we have done this, so we will be looking at some policies, expectations, and other information that we hope will help you in teaching.

We are very excited about this! If you aren’t able to make it, please contact Liz Parker at 402-364-3316 so that we can arrange something with you. It would be helpful to let us know you’re planning to come on the Event FB page (Click here to do that). Thank you!

Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” – Jesus

Ministry Opportunities for Fall 2018!

Ministry Opportunities for Fall 2018!


Are you a part of Ridgeview and looking for a ministry in which to serve this Fall? We have many opportunities for service and would love to talk with you about finding your place! Here are several of our current ministry needs:

  1. Worship Team/AV Team: vocalists, instrumentalists, and A/V technicians (musicians try out, but we can train AV techs)
  2. AWANA Children’s Ministry: Teachers and helpers*
  3. Sunday School (for children): 2 Regular teachers and 2 substitute teachers*
  4. Christ’s Kids on the Ridge: Help with or teach children during the worship gathering once or twice a month.*
  5. Nursery: Volunteers to serve during Sunday School and the Worship Gathering*
  6. Host Parent Ministry: Host Parents for college students
  7. Job Corps Ministry: Small group leaders and helpers every Monday night
  8. Fellowship Meals: Monthly hosts
  9. College Meals: Monthly hosts
  10. Youth Group: Helpers every Wednesday night*

You do not need to be a member of Ridgeview to serve in many of our ministries, but non-members will need to complete the Ministry Leadership Application process (click here) to serve in any ministry at Ridgeview. Members do not need to complete this process (so maybe you should join? :-)). Contact us today!


*Ministry with youth and children at Ridgeview requires a recent background check, which Ridgeview will complete for you free of charge.

Q&A – Science/Christian Worldview Seminar

Q&A – Science/Christian Worldview Seminar

Word in Season


The following are the questions (bold) that were texted in, followed by our answers.

MJ = Mike Johnson, MDiv
ZV = Zachary Varpness, PhD

Mike said, “what has been considered settled science has changed over the years and what we think we know now will probably keep changing.” What did you mean by that?

MJ: The scientific community is always learning more, seeing more, etc. That’s not bad. However, it does mean that things that are presented today as “settled science” (whatever that is) might be completely revised by the scientific community tomorrow. Unlike God, the scientific community is not immutable. That is one danger to the pressure Christians feel to trade biblical truth for settled science. It is never very settled.

Are there other methods besides carbon dating which can be used to estimate the age of artifacts beyond 80000 years?

ZV: There are things like uranium-lead dating and potassium-argon dating. The principle is the same. The half-life of these atoms is much longer than carbon.

Is there science that supports the flood?

ZV: Yes. The science that supports ice ages could also be interpreted as caused by a flood. On May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens erupted. A few years later there was a significant rainstorm that moved through and carved valleys in the volcano aftermath. If you put a geologist in a helicopter and fly them around to confuse them and then land them in one of these valleys. The geologist would date it at millions of years old even though it happened in the 1980’s.

In Genesis, the Bible says there was no helper found fit for Adam. Can one conclude that evolution was taking place beforehand out of other creatures?

MJ: There is no warrant in that biblical text to see things that way, and interpreting it that way is problematic at best. Obviously, for the human race to survive even a generation, both male and female are necessary at the same time.

Do either of you believe that there is a correlation between theistic evolution and theological liberalism?

MJ: Sure there is a connection. Both systems of thought take the biblical text lightly (low view of Scripture). Whether one came from the other is harder to establish, but they are two peas in a pod. I don’t know very many strong proponents of theistic evolution (the way I described it in the session) who are also theologically conservative in other areas.

Without first having faith, can I come to the conclusion that the Bible is a 100% factual account?

MJ: In a sense, faith is needed to believe that anything is true. So yes, faith is required to believe the biblical account. It is important to note that faith is also necessary to believe the origins story promulgated by evolutionists.

What impact do catastrophic natural events have on the dating of the fossil record?

ZV: Really none. Radiodating is not changed by physical conditions like temperature and rainfall.

Are theistic evolution and the age of the earth/universe separate questions? Can you reject the former and not the latter?

MJ: They are different – but connected – questions for sure. The difference is evidenced by the fact that there are young-earth creationists and old-earth creationists. Some do reject theistic evolution and also reject young-earth creationism. So they are different questions. However, the reasons for subscribing to old-earth theories are often the same reasons people cite for buying into theistic evolution. So I think there is also a connection.

What does the speed of light have to do with carbon dating?

ZV: αe2/4πε0ħc = 0072973525664(17). Without getting too nerdy, this equation is used to determine the nuclear decay rate. In the equation, the c at the end is the speed of light. If you change the speed of light you change the decay rate.

Do you have advice for a biology major who has to take evolution to graduate?

ZV: Give the “scientifically correct” answers. Don’t pick a fight your grade will suffer.

Mike tried to make the case that we see the difference between a dog and a human child and used that as an argument for human value. However, Zack showed that evolution also gives us a reason to feel supremacy over other creatures. Doesn’t that thwart Mike’s argument?

MJ: It is interesting that you didn’t ask this the other way around. Why not ask, doesn’t Mike’s argument thwart Zack’s? 🙂 The fact is, most everyone sees a foundational difference between a dog and a human child, as far as significance goes. My point was that we see it that way specifically because of special creation, as recorded in the Genesis account. Only people are made in the image of God. The sanctity of human life is, therefore, a moral and theological conclusion. The evolutionist might see it simply as rooted in natural supremacy or in species-survival, but that isn’t satisfying because it isn’t based on moral reasoning. And we seem to understand this difference at the moral level.

Is there a precedent for allowing strong scientific evidence to cause you to reconsider your biblical interpretation?

MJ: No. And I know that sounds closed-minded. But consider switching the question around: is there a precedent for clear biblical interpretation to cause you to reconsider your scientific conclusions?

Dinosaurs and mammoths are supposed to be in different eras. Where do they fit in with the biblical account?

MJ: God created dinosaurs and mammoths on the 6th day of creation. They obviously went extinct sometime after that. We don’t know when for sure, but I think they went extinct sometime after the flood because of postdiluvian climatic changes. Small/young pairs of dinosaurs and a young pair of mammoths could have fit on Noah’s Ark without difficulty.

Could you explain more about your assertion that evolution is like a religion?

ZV: If you start with a definition that religion explains where the world came from and man’s role in the world and not just the belief in a higher power, then evolution fits the definition of a religion.

Where do we believe, disbelieve science? Where is the line?

ZV: The line I draw first is whether it contradicts the Bible. The Bible is true. Anything that disagrees with that is false by definition. Second, I look at the science itself to see if it was conducted in a scientifically valid way.

Does the scientific community, largely influenced by evolutionary theory, also promote critical thinking?

ZV: It does. However, not in all areas. They start with the false idea that evolution is true. There are many biases in science that are ingrained and very hard to remove. I believe this is one of them.

Wasn’t the Bible accused of asserting some ideas (e.g., flat earth) that have been clearly proven wrong?

MJ: Yes, always mistakenly. Your example – the flat earth theory – is nowhere espoused in the Bible. Occasionally the biblical writers used metaphors and other figures of speech which would seem scientifically wrong – such as saying, “the four corners of the earth”. If you hear a scientist chide the Bible for that, chide him for saying ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’. Is he not aware that the sun does not actually rise and set, but that the earth is simply rotating? We should give the same charity to the biblical writers in their use of colloquialisms (et.al) that we give to every other normal person.

Theology was once referred to as the “Queen of Sciences”. Why is that no longer the case?

MJ: Because we are an arrogant lot who do not always assign the study of God – the highest and most significant reality in the universe – its due significance.

Without having a good grasp of science how do I evangelize someone who is “scientifically-minded”?

MJ: I would start with the gospel. Man’s sin. God’s holiness. God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ. His substitutionary atonement and resurrection. And our need to trust in him alone.

ZV: You will never convince someone of the truth of the gospel by arguing science. I understand the science pretty good and I don’t try that. I start with their guilt before a holy and righteous God.

What is your response to the assertion that Christianity was necessary before scientific advancement but is no longer necessary to understand the world around us?

MJ: That’s a pretty smug way to view history. I.e., people before us were all dumb so they needed religion. We are smart and don’t. Really?

Both please answer: how should Christians interact with the world on these topics?

MJ: With love, humility and with winsome and biblical arguments.

ZV: Agreed.

Are you familiar with the cosmic temple view? And if so, what do you think of it?

MJ: No. Sorry.

ZV: No

Why are the Bible’s historical accounts scrutinized so much more than other literature?

MJ: Probably because the Bible is the most important book in human history (by every measure). And the Bible claims to be true. Scrutiny is expected. I don’t mind scrutiny as much as empty skepticism. The Bible can stand up fine to any honest scrutiny.

Four Reminders on Resurrection Weekend

Four Reminders on Resurrection Weekend

Announcements Word in Season

Dear Church Family,

There are four things that I want to remind you about today: three things concerning events and such and one reminder from the Bible.

First, please note that there will be no Sunday School this Sunday. We will gather together to worship our risen King at 10:30 AM.

Second, next Sunday, April 8, there will be a baptism service during the regular worship gathering. If you, or someone close to you, would like to be baptized or learn more about it please contact us by Wednesday, April 4. Also on April 8, we will enjoy our last church-wide fellowship meal of the semester. So bring some friends, some food and plan to stick around for some wonderful fellowship!

Third, on April 15 at 6PM we will host a seminar focusing on Science and the Christian worldview. Specifically, we will address evolution and theistic evolution as they relate to the Bible and to the Christian gospel. Zachary Varpness (a science professor at CSC and an elder at Ridgeview) will speak from a scientific and philosophical point of view, and I will speak from a biblical and theological perspective. Following the presentations, there will be a time for Q&A (hard questions welcomed!). We’re putting a lot of effort into this, and our hope is that this seminar will be helpful to anyone thinking about or struggling with how to reconcile modern science with the teachings of the Bible. Please make your plans to attend this event (and spread the word too!).

And finally, I want to remind you that on Thursday evening of the Last Week, while the disciples were pondering their own first-ness, Jesus laid aside his outer garments, tied a towel around his waist, and washed their feet. He said to them: “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.” (John 13:14-15). Let’s go into this weekend following Jesus’ example. Instead of seeking our own, let’s go low and seek to serve – for the good of others and for the glory of God.

I can’t wait to worship the Risen Jesus Christ together with you this Sunday.

In Christ,
Pastor Mike Johnson, for the Ridgeview elder team

Science & the Christian Worldview

Science & the Christian Worldview


Does science prove evolution? Is evolution (or theistic evolution) compatible with a Christian worldview or the gospel of Jesus Christ? A scientist and a theologian will team up to address these questions in this exciting seminar hosted by Revive (CSC Student Group) here at Ridgeview Bible Church.

Each will give a 30-minute presentation. And, following that, there will be an open Q & A time – welcoming both live questions and questions people text or tweet in.

If you have ever wondered about the compatibility between Science and the Christian Worldview, this seminar is for you. We hope you will make your plans to be here on Sunday, April 15, 6-7:30PM. Contact us if you have any questions (call 308-432-5131 or click here for our contact form).

Reach Conference for Global Missions

Reach Conference for Global Missions


Dear Church Family,

We want to encourage you to be a part of the Reach Conference on Global Missions happening this weekend. This is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with missions. And it just might be a life-changing event! Everything begins on Friday at 6:00 PM. Missionaries from all over will set up tables in the Ridgeroom and you will have the opportunity to talk with them, learn about short-term missions opportunities, and to see what God is doing around the world.

Come for donuts and coffee at 8:30 AM on Saturday morning, and then go to the breakout sessions of your choice. You can learn great things about Bible translation, a woman’s ministry in missions, rural missions in America, and even student debt! Stay for lunch to visit more with the missionaries.

All of the main sessions (Friday & Saturday @ 6:30 PM and then Sunday morning at 10:30) will be worship gatherings. The Ridgeview Worship Band will lead in worship, we will pray together for world missions, and then we will hear great preaching from Bob Kennell, a veteran church-planting missionary who made his way from Thailand just to speak to you. I’ve heard Bob preach many times, and it’s always been Bible-saturated and inspiring! Also, on Sunday morning at 9AM, we will have missionary speakers for both the children and the adults.

Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity. It only comes around every 2 years, and as far as I know, it is the only thing like it in the area. Also, please pray for God to move in big ways in people’s hearts, for the glory of God among the nations.

In Christ,
Pastor Mike, for the Ridgeview elder team.

PS. For the latest info, be sure to visit and like the Reach Conference Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RidgeviewREACH/

Instructions: Just Add Love & Respect

Instructions: Just Add Love & Respect

Word in Season

Pastors, whether they want to or not, regularly have the privilege of helping people walk through difficult seasons in their marriages. Often, by the time a couple decides to see a pastor, things are quite bad. So I think I have heard and seen everything. In fact, I am considering writing a book on marriage called, “Creative Yet Totally Proven Ways to Quickly Wreck Your Marriage “. 🙂 I think it would sell well.

Of course, problems in marriages come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the needed behavioral changes to right a marriage. However, it is not an overstatement to say that most marital issues can be traced to a deficiency of two things: love and respect.

In Ephesians 5:22-33, the Apostle Paul gives clear guidelines for a healthy marriage. Verse 33 is the summary: “…Let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” For a marriage to thrive, it must have love and respect.

Of course, men and women both need love and respect. And all of us should show both love and respect to our spouses. But the Apostle Paul indicates that there is a special significance in the husband’s responsibility to love his wife, and also the wife’s responsibility to respect her husband. I think that’s because men need, more than anything else, respect from their wives. And women need to be loved by their husbands above all.

A lot needs to be said, more than I can say here, about what real love is, and also how a wife can genuinely respect her husband. The point I want to make with this post is that those are the two main ingredients in a thriving marriage: love and respect. Husbands, love your wives. And wives, respect your husbands. In my experience, when both parties apply themselves to their respective responsibilities, their marriage begins to drastically improve.

A common mistake we make is to become concerned primarily with how our spouses fail at their responsibilities. But we are not responsible for how well or how poorly our spouses do at this. As we often tell our children: we are responsible for our own actions.

Thus, the solution to your marital issues, if you are going through a difficult season right now, probably has to do with love and respect. A great question to ask as you try to diagnose your problems is this: Am I doing what God requires of me in this marriage? How can I love my wife better and show her that I love her in ways that she will see and appreciate? Or, how can I respect my husband so that he knows that I am for him?

God created marriage, so it stands to reason that he knows exactly what is needed for a marriage to thrive. And, thankfully, he has shared that information with us. A healthy marriage, more than anything, needs love and respect.

6 Things to Know

6 Things to Know


There are several important things happening these days at Ridgeview. Here are six of them:

1. There will be a Discipleship Seminar for women on Tuesday @ 6:30PM at Ridgeview. This is for you if: 1) you are involved in discipling others, or 2) you would like to be involved in discipling others, or 3) would simply like to know more about what discipleship looks like, and how to effectively do it.

2. There is a Wild Game Feed Friday @ 6PM at the Dawes County Fair Grounds. This is to raise funds for launching a new Special Youth Challenge (SYC) Ministry here in Chadron. SYC is a great ministry to children and teens with disabilities, enabling them to hunt and enjoy the outdoors in a way often not possible. And best of all, it is a vehicle to share the greatest news in all of life.

3. On February 2, from 5:30-8PM and February 3, 9AM-12PM we will Live-stream Paul Tripp’s Marriage Seminar. This is a free event and open to all and child care will be provided. And by the way, we are looking to hire a few people to do nursery and child care for this event. If you are interested please contact us through the contact form (click here), and the coordinator will get back with you. A background check is required and preference will be given to those who currently serve in a child-care ministry at Ridgeview.

4. On Sunday, February 4 we will have a Baptism Service during the worship gathering. If you would like to be baptized, please let us know (use the contact form or see an elder during the worship gathering before February 4).

5. Beginning on February 11 at 9AM, we will teach a New Members’ Class. This 4-week course is designed to help you understand who we are and what it means to join the membership. This is for you if you want to join Ridgeview, want to know more about the church, or for members who joined before we offered a membership class, who are interested to know what the course entails.

6. Finally, we use Remind (a text-messaging service) sparingly to pass on more important or time-sensitive messages (e.g. when a service or event is canceled or postponed due to inclement weather). If you would like to sign up simply send a text message to 81010 with the message: @rbcchadron . Click here for a PDF with instructions.

If you have questions about any of these things (or anything else) be sure to contact us. Have a great week!

Ministry Proposal

Ministry Proposal


Interested in launching a new Bible study at Ridgeview? The elder team has developed a process for launching new ministries in the church, especially teaching ministries (like Bible studies). As elders, we feel a responsibility for the various teaching venues of the church. We want to both ensure that all church-sponsored teaching is doctrinally sound, and also to be aware of different learning opportunities so that we can direct people to classes which might benefit them.

We also wanted a clear and simple way for people to get new ideas approved.

So, to that end, we created an easy process. If you have a desire to launch a new church-sponsored study (a new men’s study, ladies Bible study, workshops, special events, etc.) you need only fill out a “Ministry Proposal” and return it to the church office. The elders will review all proposals quickly and communicate approval or any suggestions in a timely way. This is the only prerequisite necessary to launch a new study. Pretty easy, right?

You can download the form here (click here to download). So, if you have an idea or a desire to launch a new Bible study or event that will be hosted at Ridgeview, or otherwise sponsored by the church, we hope you will find this new process helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us.