Go, Send, or Disobey

Go, Send, or Disobey

Two words sum up Brooks Buser’s (the keynote speaker at the Ridgeview Conference for Global Missions) call to action. Go. Send.

Two weeks. Two weeks after the gospel was shared to an unreached people group Brooks and his team had been working with, he was woken up in the middle of the night by several brand new Christians. What did they want so urgently in the middle of the night? They wanted to know when it was time for them to go. Where did they want to go? They wanted to spread the gospel to other tribes around them that had not yet heard the gospel. They knew Jesus called them to go spread the best news ever. We too are called to live out the great commission. This means some of us will go. Must go. May we let the urgency and obedience of these men sink into our hearts.

Many of us won’t go but we are still called to live out the great commission in sending. What does this practically look like? Brooks gave three ways we can be faithful senders:

  1. Raise your kids with an understanding of missions. Pray you will be a parent whose children will go. What a challenge for me personally. Maybe you start reading missionary biographies, involve your kids in supporting and engaging missionaries, and make it a point to study together what the Bible says about missions. Let’s pray that if the Lord wills, our kids would go and that no one (including us) would hinder them.
  2. Live in a way that the great commission affects your life every day. That could mean owning an older car or living in a smaller home to free up more resources for support. Maybe Monday becomes “missionary Monday ” where your family intentionally prays for the missionaries you support and reaches out to connect with them. It also means that we welcome visiting missionaries with Christain hospitality and send them off in a manner worthy of the Lord (3 John 6, 8).
  3. Be a faithful church member. Faithful and engaged church members are good senders. Commit to your church. Pour yourself into your church and make it a point to invest your time, energy, and talents into your local body.

The time is now for us to go and to send. But so many of us don’t go. Why? Brooks closed the conference with three obstacles that keep us from missions:

  1. Authority: We live as if we have no Lord even though all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Christ. He gave his life for ours. He gets to say what we do and how we spend our lives for him. We must lay our lives down in humble obedience.
  2. Cost: The cost seems too high when we have other things we love more than Christ. If we hold anything tighter than we hold on to Christ, it’s too hard for us to give it up for him. This could be anything from comfort, hobbies, children, safety, money, retirement, status, health, and the list goes on etc.
  3. No Action: Many of us hear the gospel and yet it never changes the way we live. Christ calls us to radical obedience and a complete transformation of our lives. This is fueled by the grace and mercy we have received from him and through him.

We prefer to hold on to rubbish instead of Christ and his surpassing worth.

Will you go? If so, seek the Lord and set Him always before you and you will not be shaken (Psalm 16:8). Talk to the elders at your church as it is the local church that confirms and sends out faithful members to the nations. The only thing you risk losing is rubbish.

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