The SwissMiss Team and Poland

The SwissMiss Team and Poland

Dear Church Family,

As you may know, Ridgeview is sending a missions team to Switzerland to help our missionaries there with various ministries. The team leaves tomorrow morning from Chadron. I am writing this to ask you to consider doing two things to support this effort.

First, please commit to praying for the team and the various ministries they will be doing. Pray for safety and for fruitfulness and that the Lord will work in the team as well as through them. The team will participate in many ministries, including serving with a church in Germany, working with missionary students from Latin America, completing some projects on the Movida campus, and helping respond to the Ukraine refugee crisis in Poland.

That last point is a new development. The Swiss Movida team is seeking the Lord’s wisdom as to how they can respond to the crisis in a way that shows the love of Christ to people who are downtrodden and in great need. The plan as it stands now is that a few will split off from the rest of the team and travel with Movida staff to a border town in Poland and work with a local church providing humanitarian aid to the refugees who are pouring over the border from Ukraine. Maya, my wife, will be going with them as a translator. Please pray fervently that the Lord bring much fruit from this, and provide safety for the team.

The second thing is to consider helping financially – if you are able – both with the extra expenses needed for travel and lodging and the humanitarian aid/supplies that the team will be distributing in Poland. Obviously, these things were not considered when the team planned its original budget, so Movida and our team need additional funds for this. You can give online by going to our giving page (click here). Please be sure to note that it is for the Ukrainian refugee crisis (or just write “SwissMiss” in the notes).

May the Lord be glorified, and many people helped, through these efforts.

In Christ,
Pastor Mike

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