Grace, Mercy, and Peace Forever

Grace, Mercy, and Peace Forever

Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ the Father’s Son, in truth and love. – 2 John 3

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Grace from the King

You are a beggar in the gutter, but the King draws you in. He calls a carriage for you and has you cleaned and presented at His table for supper. To top it all, He welcomes you as, “My child.”

Mercy from the King

While on the gallows for the seal of your judgement, before the noose closes around your neck, the King proclaims, “Punishment canceled forever!”

Peace from the King

Your fortress is surrounded by the King’s armies. Your defiance has made war, and the result for you is the barraging of your battlements with mortar fire. You refuse to surrender, though it will cost you everything you hold dear. Your castle is being crushed. A battering ram is at your gate. You stand knowing that your death is near. The doors crumble, and you close your eyes expecting death. Instead the herald enters with letter in hand reading, “The King is no longer your enemy. He has decreed peace.”

Will be With Us

It’s too good to be true.
Once helpless beggar, now honored child.
Condemned convict, now comeuppance cancelled.
Enemy, now friend.
It cannot be true that such good providence would last. But again and again, morning after morning into eternity, the grace, mercy, and peace will never, ever cease.

In Truth and Love

How in the world can such never-ending goodness come to me?
It came to me in the form of the absolute standard of reality and reliability (The truth of God in Christ) and shown through the greatest act of affection and kindness the world will ever know (The love of God in Christ shown in Jesus’ substitutionary atonement).
By the Son of God, call me an honored child.
By the Bearer of my Sorrows, call me, “Not guilty!”
By the Prince of Peace, call me one of God’s people.

Question: Is that good news? If so, how ought God’s work in me do its work in my day?

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