He is Our Refuge

He is Our Refuge

Adversity is coming your way. A day, a year, a long season. It will look different for each of us, but it is coming. This isn’t supposed to invoke fear, it is just a matter of fact for all followers of Christ.

The way is hard that leads to life, Jesus says (Matthew 7:14). Paul warns the Ephesians to prepare for battle (Ephesians 6:10-20). Peter even goes so far as to say that believers shouldn’t be surprised at the trials they are facing as though something strange is happening (1 Peter 4:12). Open the Bible and it is everywhere, from Abraham to the Prophets, John the Baptist to the Apostles. Of course, our Savior, Jesus, suffered greatly in his life. In following him we should expect to share in his sufferings.

Adversity is coming your way. You need a refuge.

Years ago, on a family vacation to the Rocky Mountains, my brother and I decided to try out rock
climbing. We hired a guide, geared up, and started to climb the face of an actual mountain. There were
no pre-determined places to grab with our hands or solid foot placements. No ledges that provided a
nice rest for our burning forearms. A place that looked friendly to grab could crumble under our weight.
A nice spot to place our foot for leverage may not be as sturdy as we thought. It was a vastly unknown
landscape with little to no direction to guide us. We were without a refuge.

Thankfully, God has not left us in this state when he brings the day of adversity our way. He, himself, is
our perfect and all-sufficient refuge during the storms of life.

The prophet Nahum has a message to deliver to the people of Nineveh. It is full of God’s justice, wrath,
power, and ability to do whatever he wills to make wrongs right. God is against the people of Nineveh
(Nahum 2:13), but in the midst of this sobering message, Nahum brings hope. If you read too fast, you
may miss it. It is hope for us as well.

The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; he knows those who take refuge in him.” Nahum 1:7.

The LORD is good. Period. The Bible leaves no room to question God’s goodness. He is good. We need a refuge who is good, all the time. Turn to him and trust in his goodness. He never changes. He is always

The LORD is a stronghold. In the day of trouble, where will you wait out the fight? The enemy is
encamped outside your door; will your place of refuge hold? God, himself, is the impenetrable fortress
that can withstand any attack.

The LORD knows. He sees all who come to him for refuge. He knows you are turning to him for help. He sees, he knows. He is there, with you.

The Psalms are full of wisdom about God. Psalm 37 gives us much more to consider about God, our

He loves justice (Psalm 37:28). What could be better than a refuge who loves justice? He will make all
things right. He loves doing that.

He helps those who take refuge in him (Psalm 37:40). He doesn’t just see, he helps. He is our deliverer from all evil.

He upholds. (Psalm 37:24) A refuge that protects, but also takes you by the hand so your stumble
doesn’t turn into a fall. A gentle guide when your steps seem shaky.

He foils even the best plots. (Psalm 37:12-13). Nothing surprises him. Plot after plot, attack after attack, and he laughs. He is a refuge who is never caught off guard and always has the upper hand, the final say. He brings the day of adversity (Ecclesiastes 7:14). It is all in his hands, his control.

Ultimately, there is a day of adversity no one can escape. Death. God provides refuge for this day as
well. We know our sin condemns us, our mouths are shut before the holy one. We stand guilty. Christ’s
perfect life, death, and resurrection has secured our redemption. We have a refuge in the forgiveness
that comes through his sacrifice. His life for ours. All who believe in the name of Jesus shall be saved
(John 11:26). Jesus is our peace. He has broken down the hostility between us and God (Ephesians 2:14). He is our continual refuge as he sits at the right hand of God, advocating on our behalf (1 John 2:1).
Praise God!

Where are you turning? If it isn’t to God, it isn’t a refuge that will carry you through life and death.
Adversity is coming your way. May the LORD be your refuge.

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