Ministry Proposal

Ministry Proposal

Interested in launching a new Bible study at Ridgeview? The elder team has developed a process for launching new ministries in the church, especially teaching ministries (like Bible studies). As elders, we feel a responsibility for the various teaching venues of the church. We want to both ensure that all church-sponsored teaching is doctrinally sound, and also to be aware of different learning opportunities so that we can direct people to classes which might benefit them.

We also wanted a clear and simple way for people to get new ideas approved.

So, to that end, we created an easy process. If you have a desire to launch a new church-sponsored study (a new men’s study, ladies Bible study, workshops, special events, etc.) you need only fill out a “Ministry Proposal” and return it to the church office. The elders will review all proposals quickly and communicate approval or any suggestions in a timely way. This is the only prerequisite necessary to launch a new study. Pretty easy, right?

You can download the form here (click here to download). So, if you have an idea or a desire to launch a new Bible study or event that will be hosted at Ridgeview, or otherwise sponsored by the church, we hope you will find this new process helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us.