Member Vote This Sunday

Member Vote This Sunday

hands-votingDuring the last two worship gatherings we have announced that the elder team has decided to move ahead with hiring Herbert Newman (aka Burt) as the new Student Ministries Leader. Before the church hires him, we want to ensure that there is church-wide unity on the matter. Accordingly, this Sunday (December 18), immediately following the Worship Gathering, we will have a brief Members’ Meeting to vote on whether to hire Herbert Newman.

If you are a member but not able to attend, you can still vote via email. Just cut and paste the voting question below into an email and send it to: It’s important to have as many members as possible participate in this vote, so if you are planning to be away, please take a few minutes to email in your vote.

The official voting question will be as follows:

First and Last name:_______________

Are you a member of Ridgeview Bible Church?

Yes___ No___ Unsure___

Will you affirm God’s leading through the elders in regards to Herbert Newman joining the staff of Ridgeview Bible Church as Student Ministries Leader in January, 2017?



Again, the email address for submitting your vote is: